Bike Photo Friday: Beer and Bikes Deep Ellum

February 21, 2014 in Bike Photo Friday!


Last year after a visit to Deep Ellum Brewery, I drove around the area to see if any bikes or cyclists were hanging around outside.  For $10 you get three beer tickets, live music, and a tour.  Dallas Blonde and Farm House Ale were my favorite beers.

Deep Ellum  is flat, which makes it easy to ride, and with the addition of bike lanes and new coffee shops and restaurants, there are a lot of places to hang out.

Most of the time I take photos of bikes that are locked up, and rarely bother people.  But I’m branching out, trying new things, and stopped this guy who was standing outside of a coffee shop.

I was in a hurry and didn’t interview him.  I wish I had taken a little more time.  It turns out that he is a local artist.  Lesson learned.



You Pedal: Olon in Deep Ellum

July 26, 2013 in You Pedal

Last week I found myself in Deep Ellum on not one, but two occasions.   After one of my meetings in the area, I took a spin around the block to look at the bikes parked along the street.  During my first loop, I saw a parked tricycle, but couldn’t find a parking spot to stop and take a photo.  During my second go around, the bike was no longer parked, but being pedaled down the road.  I quickly pulled ahead, stopped my car, and met Olon:

You said you have a lot of bikes.  Awesome!  How many bikes do you have, and why do you have so many?

I currently own about 10 bicycles. A racer, a road bike, a mountain bike and the one you saw…my Deep Ellum Cruiser. I first got it to go to the Farmers Market so I could bring back a watermelon. Turns out, it works terrific at the Market because you can pedal right up to the vendor’s stall. It is also good for taking my little dogs to the Dog Park. They love it.  But as it turns out, my favorite use is going on pub crawls through Deep Ellum…three wheels can often be the difference between making it home safely or a case of road rash.

I also have several vintage bicycles that have all European components and parts, Italvegas, Motbecanes, Peugeot (before they moved production to Japan), an Old Schwinn or two, and a BMX.

I love your tricycle.  Do you get a lot of looks when you ride it around Deep Ellum?

I have noticed that the tricycle gets much more respect from the motoring public than a normal bicycle,especially when I have a dog or a big ol’ watermelon in the basket. Lots of smiles and waves all around.

Have you always loved bikes?

I rode a bicycle until I got my drivers license at age 14. I got back on in college, but it was not until about thirty years ago, when I was in my late 20′s, that I became a dedicated cyclist and advocate for pedal power. I try to take a bicycle on every vacation; there is not a better way to explore new place. I recently rode all over Manhattan, which was very cool.  And I  really had an exciting experience when coming back from California; I was able to play downhill speedracer in the Chocolate Mountains.What a thrill!

My favorite city is Amsterdam because of the bicycle culture, the entire country for that matter. It is soo coool to pass through a train station and see literally thousands of bicycles in the parking lot.

Next time you are in Deep Ellum, be on the look out for Olon, and for a lot of other bikes parked along the road.  Thanks, Olon, for letting me take your picture!

Happy July 4th!

July 4, 2013 in Random Pedaling

Decorated bike for the City of Coppell July 4th parade.

Mom and I went all out last year, actually the past two years, during the holiday.  We purchased flags, pinwheels and patriotic ribbon to decorate our bikes.  We had a blast riding to Starbucks and through the park.  The pinwheels flipped around on her basket, while the flags flapped on the back of my commuter.  The decorations stayed on past the 4th, 5th, and 6th, but eventually we took them down.

Mom retired this  year.  Yay mom!  She worked for Alief Independent School District for 31  years.  Retiring from a school district in Texas is so complicated that those retiring beg for help. Those who survived the process listen to the sobs over a cup of coffee, and share horror stories of what happens if papers aren’t signed on certain days.   Thanks to the complicated system, our 4th is postponed so my mom can jump through hoops.  Without her to ride with me to the City of Coppell’s July 4th parade, the decorations are on my patio instead of my bike this year.

I loved July 4th when I was a kid, mainly because of streamers and fireworks.  I loved the smoke bombs, and the sparkling spinners that flew in the air.  We purchased roman candles, which my father set up in bricks promising that it was safer than holding.  Now I know that he was right, but at the time I was jealous of the neighborhood kids who chased each other with colored fireballs. Read the rest of this entry →

Bike Photo Friday: Food Trucks!

June 28, 2013 in Bike Photo Friday!

Bikes parked in the arts district.

Last Friday, Dave and I headed to the Dallas Arts District for the summer block party.  Food trucks are on the rise in Dallas and I wanted to see what the hype was all about.   The streets were blocked off and full of people wandering around eating food.  It didn’t feel like Dallas, because there was no order to the madness.  It was greatness.  Couples sat on the curb and balanced food between themselves.  Friends milled about, drank soda and beer, and tried to find the shortest line to grab a bite to eat.


Food trucks turned out in mass to represent and were rewarded with long lines.  Very long lines!  There was Korean food, Italian food, sushi, burgers, hotdogs, cupcakes, shaved ice, pizza, more hotdogs and beer.  I did not see any craft beer.  Next month the Nasher hosts another Friday night movie.  My mom and I are attending, and I hope that food trucks are out for that event too.

Food truck with bikes.

Bikes outside of the Nasher.

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Riding with Warriors

May 1, 2013 in Bike Photo Friday!, You Pedal

Two weekends ago I participated in a benefit ride to support Ride 2 Recovery. It’s easy to forget the joys of riding with a group.  It’s a chance to meet new people, share stories and receive encouragement when the wind blows in every direction or the hills won’t let up.   When riding in events, it’s normal for me to start off riding alone, and finish surrounded by new friends.

Three weeks ago I learned about Ride 2 Recovery. The organization brings wounded active military and retired veterans together to ride bikes, share stories, and heal.  They also outfit these riders with bikes, and build custom cycles for riders with special needs.

Cyclists before the start of the Bell Helicopter Honor Ride - Clay Hunt.

Support truck, ready to roll.

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A few pics from Honor Ride Clay Hunt

April 14, 2013 in Random Pedaling

Here are a few photos from today’s ride.  What a fun day.  I’ll post a write up and some individual stories soon.

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Bike Prep for the Honor Ride

April 14, 2013 in Random Pedaling

Live-in mechanic tuning up my bike before tomorrow’s ride.  He’s handy :)

Spinning is winning! Training ride

April 9, 2013 in Random Pedaling

Took it inside today for a little spin.  700 calories and one hour later I mopped up my sweat and headed home.  Thank you Angela for yelling just enough and playing some good tunes.

The current bikes work - but have no gadgets. Rumor has it the new models arriving Thursday will tell me how far I didn't go!


This was another training ride for the Ride 2 Recovery Honor Ride Clay Hunt.  I recently learned about Ride 2 Recovery;  the more I read, the more respect I have for the organization.  Their work brings healing to veterans in need of mental and physical rehabilitation.  While clicking through the main website I found these individual stories about soldiers who have been helped by the organization.  The stories are humbling. 

Saturday’s Training: Honor Ride Clay Hunt

April 7, 2013 in Random Pedaling

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Upcoming Ride: Honor our Healing Heroes

April 4, 2013 in Random Pedaling

New graffiti out at North Shore. Such BAD graffiti. I wonder if she was impressed?

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